Twin Ka Circular Dual polarity

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Ürün Kodu: Twin Ka Circular Dual polarity



This pioneering WHITE Ka LNB line was designed to enable reception of the new high bandwidth satellite TV, radio and data services in Ka band that are being launched across Europe. This Twin Ka Circular dual polarity LNB was specifically engineered to meet the reception requirements of Eutelsat for its KA-SAT satellite located on 9° East (e.g. Saorsat – Reception of free Irish TV by Satellite). The LNB features two IF outputs and supports connection to two different satellite receivers. The LNB was designed to be used with standard offset antennas of 60-90cm diameter and F/D or 0.6. The feed of this Twin LNB is designed to fit as close as 4 degrees to a allow reception from another satellite over the same dish in Europe (for example - universal Ku LNB receiving the popular Hotbird 13° East). The external diameter of the feed is about 23mm and it is supplied with 40mm ring adapter to ensure compatibility with standard dish antennas. This LNB is using the highest quality components to ensure outstanding and consistent performance and durability and is manufactured under rigorous test conditions and strict quality standards.


Main features:

  • Pioneering LNBF for reception of satellite services over Ka band
  • High Frequency and Gain stability
  • Low Phase Noise
  • Low Noise Figure
  • Low power consumption
  • High Cross-Pole performance

Input Frequency Range 19.7 ~ 20.2 GHz
Output Frequency Range 1500 ~ 1000 MHz (spectrum inversion)
Low Band LO Frequency 21.20 GHz
Polarization Dual circular for Ka band (RHCP/LHCP)
Noise Figure 1.3 dB Typ. 
LO Initial Accuracy @25°C +/- 1.0 MHz Max.
LO Temperature Drift  (30°C-60°C) +/- 3.0 MHz Max.
Phase Noise (@ 10 kHz) - 75 dBc/Hz Max.
Phase Noise (@ 100 kHz) - 95 dBc/Hz Max.
Conversion Gain 50 - 60dB 
Gain Ripple (Over 26MHz Bandwidth) +/- 0.75 dB
Gain Variation (Over Full Band)  5 dB Max.
Image Rejection 40 dB Min.
1 dB Compression Point (@ Output) 0.0 dBm Min.
Cross Polarization Isolation 22 dB Min.
LHCP polarization 13V
RHCP polarization 18V
Output VSWR 2.5 : 1 
In-Band Spurious - 60 dBm Max.
Current Consumption 120 mA Max. @ 11 ~ 20 V
Operating Temperature - 30 °C  ~  + 60 °C
Output Impedance 75 Ω
Output Connector 2 x F-Type (Female)
Weight 181 g

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